BCS Company, Inc. Consulting

Our experienced Tech Reps can advise and consult to provide you with the best solution for your surface preparation needs.

    • Selecting the correct size, shape and composition of media to use for your specific application.
    • Use chemistry to improved finish, keep media open and free cutting, balance PH, inhibit rust or scale, extend media life and reduce process time.
    • Testing
    • Process control
    • Equipment selection and setup.

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Call us so we can help your business thrive!

Job Shop Services

Our Job Shop is stocked with a variety of metal finishing equipment, vibratory tumbling media, finishing compounds and much more.

BCS strives to achieve a quality-focused service at a fair price for our customer.

763 Thompson Road (PO Box 247), Thompson, CT 06277, US | 860-923-9575 | mail@bcscompany.com