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Helping prevent the spread of COVID19


We are using specially selected antimicrobial copper to produce overlays to cover high touch points around the workplace, therefore protecting your staff and customers against COVID19.


Commonly touched areas such as door handles often fail to get wiped and can transmit germs or COVID-19.  The antimicrobial copper will kill the virus 12 times faster than a stainless steel door handle!  At costs starting from £5.11 ex vat these items are an excellent way to further protect your staff.




Our Antimicrobial Copper Products




For further information or to place an order please email: sales@stainlessfinishingsolutions.com

Antimicrobial Copper is the only metal that is approved as antimicrobial by US EPA
* These copper antimicrobial products do not replace activities such as regular hand washing, social distancing or any government recommendations.
Door and trolley handle overlays are designed for bars up to 28mm in diameter and can be trimmed to length (if required) using sharp scissors.